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Welcome to Glass & Grass, the premier pressure washer in Fernandina Beach and surrounding areas. Our team of exterior cleaning professionals have over 15 years of experience in the pressure washing industry, and we’ve been serving Fernandina Beach since 2018. We want to add you to our list of satisfied customers! With a full line of pressure washing and exterior cleaning services, Glass & Grass is your one-stop shop when you’ve got dirt and grime you can’t seem to shake.
For both residential and commercial pressure washing needs, call us today and let us give your Fernandina Beach home or business a fresh clean that you’ll love.

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For all of your exterior surface cleaning needs, Glass & Grass is the name you know and trust. With an endless list of satisfied customers, we’re ready to take on your most challenging pressure washing project and leave your Fernandina Beach home or business clean, fresh, and sanitized. Whether you’ve got cloudy, streaked windows that could use a residential window cleaning or grimy, mold-covered sidewalks, we are the professional pressure washer who knows exactly how to take care of all of your exterior surfaces and return them to their former glory.

Importance of Gutter Cleaning

Your Fernandina Beach home’s gutters are way more important than most people might think. Gutters are the number one protector of your roof, which in turn, protects your home! If your gutters are clogged or dirty, they can’t work properly to gather and move rainwater away from your roof. When water builds up inside gutters, it could spread to your shingles and soak into your roof, creating leaks and risking water damage.
Glass & Grass are the experts when it comes to gutter cleaning. We will make sure that your gutters stay clear and clean so they can do their jobs and your home will stay safe and dry.

Towns We Service

Below is a list of service areas where we provide pressure washing services. If you don’t see your area listed below, please give us a call. Our pressure washing experts are here to provide you with superb services for your Fernandina Beach area home.

Solar Panel Cleaning

For solar panels to perform efficiently and be in their best condition, they will require maintenance cleanings. While dust and pollen are naturally removed by rain, other contaminants like bird droppings, algae, and mold are not.
Once your solar panels start to appear dirty, it’s a good idea to clean them. Calling in Glass & Grass is the perfect way to make sure your solar panels get the best, most efficient clean possible so they can keep working to serve your home and family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Although gutters may not be the most glamorous part of a home, they play an important role in protecting your property from water damage. Without gutters, rainwater would simply pour off of the roof and directly onto the ground below, eroding the soil and potentially flooding your basement. In order to function properly, gutters must be regularly cleaned of leaves and other debris. This is typically done twice a year, in the spring and fall. However, if you live in an area with a lot of trees, you may need to clean your gutters more often. Failure to keep your gutters clean can result in serious water damage to your home, so it’s important to make sure that they are always clear.

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Pressure washing may seem like a lot of work, but it can be well worth the effort. Not only does it remove dirt, grime and mildew, but it also helps to protect your home from damage. Over time, build-up on the exterior of your home can lead to cracking and peeling paint, as well as wood rot. Pressure washing ensures that your home is properly cleaned and protected from the elements. In addition, it can also increase your home’s curb appeal, making it look more inviting and welcoming. If you’re considering pressure washing your home but afraid you might damage your property, a professional pressure washing company can ensure your home is maintained for years to come.

Most people don’t give much thought to their windows, but they actually play an important role in our everyday lives. Besides letting in natural light and fresh air, windows provide us with a view of the outside world. They also help to keep our homes insulated and protect us from the elements. As such, it’s important to keep them clean and in good condition. Regular window cleaning will help to protect your windows from dirt, dust, and other harmful debris. It will also prevent them from becoming scratched or damaged. In addition, clean windows will let in more light and make your home look more inviting. So whether you’re doing it for appearance or utility, there’s no doubt that regularly cleaning your windows is a good idea.

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Solar panels should be cleaned regularly in order to maintain optimal energy efficiency and performance, as dirt and dust can drastically reduce the efficiency of solar panels. There are several reasons why it is important to clean your panels:

1. Solar cells need adequate sunlight to generate electricity, but dirt and dust buildup can block sunlight from reaching them. This leads to a decrease in the amount of electricity they can produce, resulting in decreased energy savings for you.

2. Dusty solar cells produce less heat than cleaner ones, meaning that the panel will not be able to generate as much power – again reducing your energy savings.

3. Solar panel cleaning prevents corrosion of the exposed metal components on the backside of solar modules caused by salt deposits left by water droplets over time which collect on them during wet periods like rain and then evaporate away leaving mineral deposits that corrode everything they touch including wiring connections and other electrical components around module mounting systems over time if left unattended they create all sorts of problems leading up potentially dangerous fire hazards due to uninsulated corroded wires oven connectors etc.

Regularly cleaning your solar panels helps ensure safe operation while maximizing their performance so that you receive maximum return on investment from your system over its lifetime – making sure you get all the benefits that come with going green!

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Sealing pavers is an excellent way to protect and extend the life of your outdoor surfaces. Paver sealing helps maintain the integrity of the hardscape, while preserving its natural look and beauty. In addition, sealing pavers provides a number of important benefits:

1. Protection Against Weather: Sealing pavers helps prevent fading and discoloration due to UV exposure as well as weathering from rain, snow, and other elements. It also reduces cracking, pitting, chipping, or flaking that can be caused by freezing temperatures.

2. Color Enhancement: Applying a sealant locks in natural color pigments that are often faded over time due to inclement weather conditions or heavy foot traffic.

3. Stain Resistance: Sealants create an invisible barrier between porous materials such as stone or concrete and stains caused by pet waste, oil spills (from cars), etc., which makes it easier to clean up messes without fear of staining the surface underneath.

4. Reduced Weed Growth & Insect Infestation: Areas with unsealed paving stones are more prone to weed growth as well as insect infestations since these areas tend to provide favorable climates for various bugs or weeds seeking dark moist areas in which they can proliferate unnoticed until it is too late for treatment or repair work on the affected area(s). With regular application of sealers these issues are greatly reduced if not eliminated all together!
5 Increased Durability : When you apply a paver sealer correctly ,you’re providing additional protection from things like freeze-thaw cycles ,heavy foot traffic ,or even road salt during winter months resulting in longer lasting results ! Not only does this save money for repairs over time but it saves you time too!

Yes, we do offer commercial window cleaning services. Our team of experienced professionals understands the key aspects needed to properly clean windows in any commercial property. We use advanced equipment and quality products to ensure all windows are spotless and free from dirt and streaks.

Power washing and pressure washing are two cleaning methods that use water to remove dirt, dust, mud and other build-up from various surfaces. The main difference between power washing and pressure washing is the amount of water pressure used in each method. Power washing typically uses much higher levels of water pressure than pressure washing, which can be as much as three times higher in some cases.

Power washing is generally recommended for removing dirt and debris from hard surfaces such as driveways or pathways made of brick or concrete. This is because the high levels of force exerted by power washers helps to break down any stubborn materials lodged into cracks or crevices on these surfaces more effectively than a regular hose pipe could alone with less damage being done to the surface itself. Pressure washing on the other hand are ideal for more delicate areas such as car exteriors, siding, stone walls and patios where components could be damaged due to too much force being applied during cleaning.

Soft wash is a professional technique used to safely and effectively clean exterior surfaces such as roofs, siding, stucco, wood, concrete and more. It differs from traditional pressure washing in that the cleaning agent (usually a biodegradable detergent) is applied with low pressure and allowed to dwell on the surface for an extended period of time before being rinsed off. This process allows for a deep-down clean without damaging or eroding the material’s surface. Soft washing also eliminates all organic growth such as algae, lichens, mildew, moss and weeds by treating them with an EPA approved solution that kill their root systems. By using soft washing techniques it not only provides superior results but also keeps your home or business looking better longer.

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Cleaning your solar panels should generally be left to the professionals. Doing it yourself may harm delicate components of the solar panel and even void warranties, so it’s best to leave it to those trained in proper maintenance techniques.

Typically, you should have your solar panels professionally cleaned at least once a year or every two years depending on the climate and weather conditions in your area. In certain areas with high levels of dust, sand, pollen or other airborne debris, they may need more frequent cleaning. If there is excessive snow accumulation or bird droppings that can affect their efficiency, then they’ll need more attention as well.

When having them cleaned professionally ensure that no harsh chemicals are used as these can damage sensitive parts of the panel such as wiring and electrical connections which could lead to failure over time. Expert technicians usually use water-fed pole systems coupled with soft brushes for this purpose since they are custom designed for cleaning solar panels without harmfully affecting any part of their composition. Additionally, because these systems involve very little physical contact with surface components during operation there’s less risk for scratches that could lead to decreased performance later on.

Thank you to Fox Valley Solar and Electric for sharing this information with us!

Commercial window cleaning has a variety of benefits for businesses. Professional window cleaners use specialized techniques and equipment to thoroughly clean the windows of commercial buildings. This ensures that every inch of each window is sparkling clean, which can be difficult to achieve with traditional household cleaning methods without the proper tools or training.

Window cleaning professionals are also highly trained in safe working practices and know how to maximize efficiency when reaching difficult-to-reach areas such as those located high above ground level. Safety is a top priority for any business that relies on its employees or customers, so investing in professional window cleaners is an excellent way to ensure everyone’s well being while ensuring windows look their best throughout the year.

Regularly cleaned windows create an impression of care and attention which can boost customer confidence as well as give visitors a good first impression of your business premises—a key factor in many decisions made by potential customers or suppliers. Window cleaning services also help improve visibility inside and outside the building, providing clearer views into rooms while removing dirt, dust, fingerprints, bird droppings from outdoor sills, and other debris from glass surfaces—beneficial whether you own an office building or retail storefront.

Yes, roof pressure washing is safe as long as the correct technique and equipment are used in the process. Pressure washing your roof can help remove built-up dirt, mold, and mildew from its surface. It also helps improve the overall visual appeal of your home’s exterior. However, if not done correctly, there could be risks such as damaging the shingles or even worse causing leaks.

For this reason, it is best to hire a professional who is skilled and experienced with pressure washing roofs rather than attempting to do it yourself. Professional professionals that specialize in this area will have access to specialized tools and techniques which they can use without compromising your roof’s integrity or safety. Moreover, they will also know what kind of detergents should be used for cleaning safely and effectively without damaging any surfaces on your roof such as tiles or edging materials.

Sealing your paved surfaces such as driveways, walkways and patios can make all the difference in terms of their lifespan. The frequency with which you need to seal them is mostly determined by climate, use and location. In wet climates or locations where there is heavy foot traffic, paver sealing should be done annually.

In dryer climates or locations with less human traffic, bi-annual sealing might suffice. It’s also important that regardless of climate, you always clean the pavers prior to applying a sealer for best results – professional roof pressure washing may be necessary for more stubborn dirt build up.

Lastly, if your paving has already begun to deteriorate due to weathering or stains from plants like moss then it may need more frequent attention than outlined above – consult a local paving contractor for tailored advice on your particular situation!

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Cleaning your windows should always be done professionally and on a regular basis. Depending on the type of window, location, climate, and other factors you may want to clean them every 3-6 months. Professional window cleaning usually involves using specialized tools like ladders or telescoping poles in order to reach tough corners. They also use squeegees, brushes and sponges with special cleaning solutions that can reach into deep grooves without scratching the glass surface. Furthermore, professionals are trained in safety measures for reaching hard-to-reach places such as through ladders or scaffolding safely and securely so there is no risk of falling from heights which could result in serious injury.

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Hiring a professional commercial pressure washing service can be a great choice for many businesses. Not only can it help enhance the look of your business’s exterior, but it also provides several other benefits.

A professional pressure washing service helps to remove grime, dirt, and pollutants that have built up over time on your building’s surface. This is important not just for aesthetics, but to keep mold and mildew from growing due to excessive moisture. Pressure washing services use high-powered steam or water jets that reach tight areas and corners without damaging any part of the structure or siding, ultimately saving you money in the long run from costly repairs or replacement parts.

Additionally, commercial cleaning services also offer safe solutions for removing graffiti vandalism from walls effortlessly without using harsh chemicals that could potentially damage paint finishes on building materials. Lastly, most reputable companies are experienced in pressure washing roofs which can help clear debris and moss build-up from gutters. An overlooked aspect of regular maintenance can create serious drainage issues if ignored for too long.

Absolutely! Soft wash house cleaning is becoming increasingly popular as a professional solution to exterior home care. It uses low-pressure water and biodegradable chemicals to clean surfaces like roofs, siding, and driveways without damaging them. The cleaning process is thorough, removing dirt, grime, looks, and mold from the affected areas with ease. In addition to being extremely effective at cleaning your home’s exterior surfaces, it also helps in preventing future staining and discoloration due to environmental pollutants like pollen or soot in the air. Soft wash house cleaning services can also help reduce allergens by removing any potential irritants that may have been deposited on these surfaces over time. Lastly, soft wash cleaners are environmentally friendly since they don’t use harsh chemicals or abrasives which can damage vegetation surrounding your home!

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Having your windows professionally cleaned is the only way to guarantee a thorough, high-quality job that will last. Professional cleaners have the right tools and know-how to clean windows in a safe and efficient manner. For example, they can safely access hard-to reach windows using ladders or lifts, which ensures that even those high up are effectively disposed of dirt and grime. Additionally, professional window cleaners use industrial strength equipment such as pressure washers and vacuums to ensure all dirt particles are removed from the glass surfaces leaving you with crystal clear windows every time!

When it comes to pressure washing, hiring a local company offers some distinct advantages over a national one. One of the most important is that you will receive professional-grade services as a result. Local companies typically have experience working on similar projects in your area and can draw upon their expertise to carry out the job efficiently and effectively. They also tend to use higher quality materials than those offered by larger, national organizations, which ensures that your property will look its best after they’re finished.

Furthermore, when you hire a local pressure washing company you’re supporting small business owners in your community – something that can really boost morale and help keep the economy strong. Additionally, since local businesses are often part of smaller networks or organizations within their respective areas, they may be able to access discounts for supplies or equipment which could ultimately save you money in the long run. Finally, because smaller companies tend to provide more personalized services than larger ones do you’ll likely get an enhanced level of customer service when going with locals over nationals so that all questions or concerns about the job can be answered quickly and accurately.

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