How Much Does it Cost to Pressure Wash a Roof

How Much Does it Cost to Pressure Wash a Roof?

Your roof is out of sight and mind, but it can collect dirt, moss, mildew, and even fungus. Regular cleaning can help extend its lifespan. However, climbing around on a roof with a pressure washer is dangerous and difficult. It can also damage shingles, tiles, and chimney stack bricks. In this article we’ll discuss the disadvantages and cost to pressure wash a roof.

High-pressure washing

Even though your roof is a mostly hidden area of your house, it will still collect dirt and other debris over time. Regular cleaning is important to avoid problems like moss and mold. Climbing around your roof can be dangerous, so hiring a professional to power wash the roof is a good idea. The cost of the service will depend on what type of roof you have. For asphalt shingle roofs, the average cost of a full service clean is $490. A treatment only service will cost you slightly less.

Cost to Pressure Wash a Roof
Cost to Pressure Wash a Roof

Another way to save on roof cleaning costs is to combine the service with other services such as gutter cleaning or grounds cleanup. This method is more convenient for homeowners and is more cost-effective for businesses. It is also safe for the environment. Power washing equipment uses a piston pump and an electric motor to pressurize water up to 1000 psi (bar). The force of the water is then released through a lance nozzle.

Soft washing

Some roofing materials are too delicate to withstand high pressure. In addition, using a high-pressure washer can damage the roof’s surface and cause water leaks. In such cases, soft washing is a more cost-effective method of cleaning roofs. The process involves applying special cleaners and rinsing the exterior with a low-pressure nozzle.

The cleaning process begins with a detergent or surfactant that seeps into the pores of a home’s roof and dissolves thick grit, grime, dirt, mud, and soot. These cleansers also remove moss, mildew spores, algae, and lichen.

Professional power wash companies use professional-grade 12.5% sodium hypochlorite or bleach to kill Gloeocapsa magma (algae) and other organic growth on the roof and exterior surfaces. The bleach kills the microbes that stain the roof and prevents them from growing back. The cleaning solution then rinses off the house, restoring its curb appeal. This is a safe and effective way to clean a roof without damaging the shingles or voiding the warranty.

DIY power washing

If you are a do-it-yourselfer and have the time, DIY power washing is a cost-effective method. However, you should only use gas-powered pressure washers, and make sure to choose the right PSI and nozzle settings for your project. Inexperienced users can easily ruin surfaces, and they may even cause bodily harm. It’s also best to hire a professional who knows the proper way to clean different surfaces.

Cost to Pressure Wash a Roof
Cost to Pressure Wash a Roof

A pro will determine the most suitable cleaning method for your roof based on the material type. For example, if the moss is growing on your roof, a chemical wash is required first to kill the growths before pressure washing. This method costs $0.20 to $0.70 per square foot. The cost of equipment, soap/cleansers, and water used is a significant factor that can drive up prices. The opportunity cost of your time is another important factor to consider.


Pressure washing a roof can damage shingles and shorten their lifespan. If not done properly, it forces water into the seams and crevices of the shingles, which can cause mold, wood rot, and leaks in your home. It can also reduce energy efficiency by causing insulation to break down. It’s best to avoid pressure washing a roof as much as possible and instead use treatments that prevent mold, mildew, and moss growth.

Balancing on a sloped surface while trying to maneuver a clumsy, powerful pressure washer is dangerous and can lead to serious injuries. In addition, spraying your shingles from below can loosen them and cause them to come loose in storms. To avoid this, consider hiring a professional who uses a soft wash cleaning technique. They will be able to clean your roof safely without using high pressure. They can even use a foam cannon to reach higher areas of your roof without having to stand on it.

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