The Area's Dependable Window Cleaning Company

When it comes to finding a window cleaning company, you don’t have to look farther than Glass & Grass. We are the reliable team you can trust for Fernandina Beach pressure washing and professional window cleaning services for your residential and commercial properties.

Pressure washing utilizes a lot of finely focused PSI (pounds per square inch) water power to wash away dirt, stains, and organic growth from hard surfaces. But more fragile surfaces like windows require special treatment, and the specialists at Glass & Grass know exactly how they need to treat your home or business’ windows. Inexperienced, amateur, and DIY pressure washers attempting window cleaning often end up with broken or cracked windows, so it’s vital to hire a pro. Glass & Grass is the local professional you can trust! We offer both commercial and residential window cleaning services, so we can cover all of your needs.

Eliminate Mildew And Algae For Good

Weather conditions in an area play a big part in window cleaning services. Different seasonal conditions breed different types of organic growths that mar your windows and damage the glass. Calling in a professional window cleaning company like Glass & Grass is a huge step towards getting those clear, beautiful windows you dream of. Algae or mildew buildup often seen on local windows comes from the what seems like endless Florida humidity. It’s notoriously difficult to get rid of and often ends up permanently smearing or discoloring windows if treated improperly. Glass & Grass is the name you can count on when it comes to calling the right Fernandina Beach window cleaning company to get the job done. Your residential or commercial windows will be the cleanest they’ve ever been when we’re done with them!

You want your Fernandina Beach windows to be clear so they can let sunlight in and brighten your home! Our residential window cleaning services will surely change your home’s aesthetic in less than a day.
Having clean windows on your commercial building is vital for letting customers know what awaits them inside. Glass & Grass is dedicated to offering the best commercial window cleaning services so your business can flourish.