Your Screened Enclosures Cleaning Specialists

Fernandina Beach homeowners sometimes forget about the important of keeping their screened enclosures clean. Glass & Grass is here to remind you of that importance as well as provide superb screened enclosures cleaning.

Screened enclosures are a wonderful structure to keep mosquitoes and other insects away from the spaces you and your family want to spend time. They’re also terrific for keeping leaves and debris out of the pool. However, screened enclosure cleaning can be a lot of work, no matter what cleaning methods you use. This is why it’s best to call on the professionals when it comes to Fernandina Beach pressure washing.

Trust The Professionals For Screened Enclosures Cleaning

Algae is a common buildup in Fernandina Beach, and it can make keeping your screened enclosures clean even harder. Unless you get screened enclosures cleaning professionally done, you’ll likely spend a lot of time scrubbing each screen to remove the stubborn algae, mold, or mildew. Then, after several weeks, you’ll see the algae grow right back.

Instead, why not contact Glass & Grass in Fernandina Beach to help you with your screened enclosures cleaning services? We know just how to get your screened enclosures clean, including removing algae and preventing it from growing back. We also provide competitive pool deck washing, so give us a call today.

Low Pressure Techniques For The Best Clean In Fernandina Beach

Too often, we have seen the damage that high pressure washing can cause on a screened enclosure area. You don’t need to worry about that with the experts at Glass & Grass. Using low-pressure cleaning solutions, we make sure your screens are protected, as well as any plants or furniture nearby.
Screened enclosure cleaning requires careful skill, even though many assume that cranking up the pressure and blasting compressed water on the dirt and mildew is the way to go. This can actually result in torn screens and broken chemical cleaners. Our specialists makes sure to use the gentlest techniques so your property stays safe.