How To Clean Windows Like A Pro

Many of our customers after having their homes pressure washed will have us clean the exterior windows but would like to clean their interior windows on their own. The number one question they ask us is: what is the “best solution”?
Unfortunately there is no magic solution. Many people were taught that Windex, aerosol sprays or some other mix of ingredients will leave your windows spotless… sadly that isn’t the case.
Simply put, anything you put on your windows must be removed or you will, in effect, just be moving dirt and a “new substance” all over your windows. The analogy could be likened to a child who hates peas and in an effort to fool his parents into thinking he’s eaten a few, he spreads the pile all over his plate. The same number of peas are still there, just less noticeable.
So, how do the pro’s clean windows? Fortunately, the method is quite simple as are the materials you will need. All can be obtained from your local Home Depot, Lowe’s or online through the window cleaning supply website we use:

The following items are needed:

Step One

Once you’ve obtained all of the materials, you’ll want to make your window cleaning solution. As mentioned above, the solution isn’t as important as the process. So with your bucket, add a gallon or two of water and then liberally add a few good squeezes of dish soap.

Step Two

Now that your solution is ready, take your brush and wet it in the bucket. After this step, ring out some of the water and then start brushing the window. Brush the entire window with the objective of wetting the glass and loosening the dirt.

Step Three

With the glass wet and soapy, take your dry rag and wipe the top edge of the glass from one side all the way to the other side.Next, put the squeegee on either top corner along the dry line you just created. Now, pull down evenly all the way to the bottom.

Step Four

With one clean section of the window, take your dry rag and wipe it down the rubber of your squeegee to remove any water. Next, put the squeegee back at the top of the window with about two inches overlapping the next area and begin pulling down again. Window cleaning how to IMPORTANT- as you begin to pull down, angle the squeegee so that one side of the squeegee is raised higher than the other side(see picture below). This will eliminate streaking. Be sure to hold this angle steady and then pull the squeegee flat once you reach the bottom of the frame.

Step Five

Simply repeat step 4, again overlapping and angling as you go. Remember you need to wipe the water off the squeegee each time. Finally, remember to use your dry rag to wipe up any water on the frame and your done!
I hope this helps and as always if you hire us for any of our services I’ll be happy to demonstrate the process for free!