Why House Washing Is A Good Idea and When You Should Get It Done

Why house washing is good idea

If you're a new homeowner, you'll eventually need to remove the grime buildup off the siding, gutters, and other exterior surfaces of your house. You can do it yourself or you can hire a professional pressure washing company for a house washing service. Either way, you don't want to let the grime, and any possible algae or mildew, stay on the surfaces for too long. As years pass, that buildup can ruin paint finishes, dry out or damage wood, or cause damage to the siding. Plus, it's not a healthy environment for you and your family to be exposed to. Unfortunately, algae, mold, and mildew can quickly spread to other surfaces like windows and decks in humid climates like Florida.

If you've never gotten a house washing service, we wanted to share a little information about house washing, why getting it done professionally is a good idea, and exactly when to get it done.

Professional House Washing VS DIY House Washing

Our pressure washing professionals are just like you-- we want to do things ourselves when it comes to doing tasks around the house. We understand exactly what it's like to hear you'll be better off hiring a house washing professional when all you want to do is save some money. The following are a few things for you to think about before you make that final decision to take on a DIY house washing project.

  • Longer lasting results - Professional house washing will most definitely provide you with longer lasting results than any DIY methods you try. Because professionals have the training, certification, commercial equipment, and skill to accomplish the job, the clean we can offer you will stick around longer than if you did it alone.
  • A deeper clean - The house washing techniques our company uses include a combination of cleaning solutions we know how to mix for the best results in lifting and removing dirt and grime. This is what we've spent hours and hours training for. If you have no experience in house washing, you won't get the same deep clean results.
  • A safer clean - We can confidently tell you that our house washing methods are safer to use on siding, gutters, and other exterior surfaces than DIY house washing methods. It's the only option recommended by siding manufacturers. In fact, DIY projects and amateur service can and have caused damage to certain home's siding and voided the warranty.

When To Get A House Washing Service

You can get professional house washing service anytime you like! However, like with all things, too much may not be a good thing either. Since house washing results last longer if you have it done professionally by an experienced technician who uses the right cleaning solutions, you should only need it seasonally at the very most. Every six months is about the right amount of time between washings, but it does depend on some of the following circumstances:

  • You'd like a seasonal house washing to keep your house looking great and algae free.
  • Storms or rainy weather have been frequent and have led to more grime than usual.
  • Algae is growing on your siding and other exterior surfaces.
  • Irrigation stains are turning the lower part of your home orange.
  • Roof materials or roof grime has been leaving stains down the siding.
  • Gutters are rusting and leaving stains down the siding.
  • Because of the location, your house is getting covered in road grime or dirt road dust.
  • You haven't gotten the house washing done in over a year.
  • Your home sits on a lot with trees that drip sticky sap.

The bottom line is this: a house washing service is always a good idea, and getting it done is doing your home a big favor!

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