3 Story Condo Window Cleaning & Patio Softwashing on Springtide Lane in Fernandina Beach, FL

This is one of the many happy residents we have been referred to from their neighbors. These units are tall with limited access and require specific tools as demonstrated in the pictures below to reach the windows. Ladders would not only be difficult to get in some areas due to the layout bit also almost impossible due to the type of shutters installed. Lastly the back area has a steep slope thus again having the right tools has lead to us being called for these condos by multiple home owners through referrals.
Estimated Budget : $800.00
Products Used: Waterfed Poles
Jared at Glass and Grass was highly recommended to me by a friend and we are extremely happy with the window and screen cleaning that he completed on our townhome. It makes and amazing difference , our home feels lighter and cleaner! I won’t wait so long between cleanings again. Super friendly and reasonably priced for a tough job
Beth Smith