Seaside Park Fernandina Beach

This beachfront park has restrooms, play structures, picnic shelters, and a boardwalk. The park also has a beach and access to a historic lighthouse. However, alcohol is not allowed in the park. This beach is not ideal for drinking, so you should be sure to pack plenty of water! Read More About This!

Beachfront park with picnic shelters, play structures, sand volleyball courts & restrooms

There are picnic shelters, play structures, secluded sand volleyball courts, restrooms, and a boardwalk at this Fernandina Beach park. It also offers beach access, restrooms, and showers.

Seaside Park Fernandina Beach is located off of Sadler Road and adjacent to Sadler Road Beach Access. There are picnic tables, pavilions, restrooms, showers, and a boardwalk down to the beach. It’s also near Sliders Seaside Grill and Tortuga Jacks restaurants. It’s convenient for families and anyone looking for amenities at the beach.

Great place to fish or ride bikes

Whether you’re an avid fisherman or enjoy riding your bike along the boardwalk, Seaside Park is the perfect spot to spend a sunny afternoon. The park offers picnic tables, pavilions and beach access, as well as showers.

You can also spend the day relaxing on the beach or enjoying a picnic with family and friends. Parking is available on-beach or in a gravel lot. If you plan to park on the beach, make sure to bring a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at Seaside Park Fernandina Beach

The park is not a good place to consume alcohol. You must stay in designated areas. It is prohibited to bring any alcoholic beverage to the park, even if you are planning to consume it. You also must stay away from the dunes. You must also keep dogs on a leash and clean up their waste. Refer to This Article!

During the peak summer season, the beach can be crowded. However, it has been rated as one of the country’s top beaches by travel publications. There is limited parking at Seaside Park. It is only allowed if you have a permit. Otherwise, parking on the beach is not a good idea, because your vehicle might get stuck in the soft sand.

Amelia Island Lighthouse is a historic lighthouse

The Amelia Island Lighthouse is one of Florida’s oldest standing lighthouses. It is located near the northern end of Amelia Island in the northeastern part of the state. It is a fascinating historical landmark and a great place to visit with friends or family.

The lighthouse is 67 feet tall and built from brick. It flashes every 10 seconds and warns boats of dangerous shoals on the south end of the island. Originally, the lighthouse used 14 lamps with 14″ reflectors. But in 1903, the lights were replaced with third-order Fresnel lenses. Today, the lighthouse flashes white and red every ten seconds over Nassau Sound, which are used for navigation.

Amelia Island is a great place for bird enthusiasts

For bird lovers, Amelia Island is the perfect place to see a variety of species. The coast is also a haven for sea turtles. You can spot them on the beaches by looking for yellow tape stakes on the sand. Keep in mind that these turtles are not allowed to disturb their nests and hatchlings, so visitors must leave them alone.

If you’re into history, then you can also visit the Amelia Island Museum of History, which was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2009. The museum is located in an old jail on the island. The museum is easily accessible by car via State Road 200 or Florida State Road A1A. Next Article!

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