Amelia Island State Park 

Amelia Island State Park is located on the Atlantic coastal plain, about 7 miles south of Fernandina Beach and eight miles north of Little Talbot Island State Park. There are a variety of activities that can be done at this park. You can try horseback riding on the beach, hiking, and fishing. Read on to know more.

Horseback riding on the beach

The sweeping dunes hug the south shore of Amelia Island, a sanctuary for local marine wildlife. From horseback, you can see soaring ospreys, nesting plovers, and grazing gopher tortoises. This vantage point is unique and educational, offering an unforgettable experience.

Amelia Island State Park is one of the few state parks in Florida that allows horseback riding on the beach. The 200-acre wilderness is home to white sand beaches, salt marshes, and coastal maritime forests. It is also an ideal location for paddling tours. State Park outfitters offer kayak tours of the water, with the historic town of Fernandina Beach only six miles away.


If you’re looking for some freshwater fishing action, you can’t go wrong at Amelia Island State Park in Jacksonville, FL. The waters here are perfect year-round for fishing, and the water is rich in redfish, a popular species for novice anglers. These fish range from small, novice-friendly specimens to massive Bull specimens.

Amelia Island State Park offers numerous fishing spots along its 200-acre Nassau Sound coastline. Among them are Wolfe Park, which is also known as Egan’s Creek Park, and Fort Clinch, which lies on the banks of the Amelia River. In addition to these hot spots, public access #8 can be found just across Maryland Avenue on S. Fletcher Avenue. Learn More about American Beach here.


There are many different things to do on Amelia Island State Park. You can enjoy hiking and biking, or you can take a kayak trip on the river. This state park is located north of Jacksonville and is protected by a 1.5-mile stretch of ocean. It is the perfect spot for those who love the outdoors.

Hiking on the island’s trails is a great way to see the natural environment and wildlife. This park offers several different trails, and visitors can choose one that best suits their skills and fitness level. There are also several campsites where you can camp in hammocks or rent bikes.


The state park is located on the Atlantic coast, approximately seven miles north of Fernandina Beach and eight miles south of Little Talbot Island State Park. It’s a popular spot for birdwatching, with many species to be seen. Visitors can also enjoy fishing and hiking.

The southern end of Amelia Island features a freshwater pond where visitors can observe a variety of birds. On one visit in April 2016, I was able to see 22 species. There are also viewing platforms and parking facilities nearby. The park is also home to the migratory Red Knots and nesting terns.

Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail

Amelia Island State Park is one of Florida’s state parks. It is located on the Atlantic coastal plain, 7 miles north of Fernandina Beach and 8 miles south of Little Talbot Island State Park. The park has many opportunities for birdwatching.

This trail is divided into four sections that highlight special ecosystems. Parts of the trail are designed for driving and parking, while other sections are geared toward bicycling and hiking. The trail divides the state into four different sections, with the Panhandle section opened in 2004. The South Florida section was completed in 2006. Next blog post.


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