Little Talbot Island State Park 

If you’re in Jacksonville, FL, then Little Talbot Island State Park is definitely worth a visit. The state park has many great amenities and attractions, including the beach and a nature loop. It’s also a good place to kayak through Florida State waters, take pictures of rare wildlife, and explore miles of soft sand. You’ll also enjoy the less-crowded coastline, beautiful ocean views, and undisturbed driftwood. Read this!

Beaches at Little Talbot Island State Park

The beaches at Little Talbot Island State Park are a great escape from the crowds at other Jacksonville FL beaches. The park’s 5 miles of pristine shoreline offer everything from swimming and surfing to fishing, hiking, biking, and wildlife watching. Best of all, you can enjoy this beautiful park for very little money.

This park is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The 2,500-acre nature preserve is home to many types of animals, including deer, bobcats, foxes, and rabbits. Visitors can also rent kayaks or Segways to explore the salt marshes. There’s also a hiking trail to a secluded stretch of oceanfront.

Little Talbot’s beach was near high tide, but there was still a lot of beaches to walk on. When visiting, make sure to keep an eye out for sea turtles nesting in the sand. You’ll notice that the shells on this beach are much different from other beaches in the area. This is because the beach is not manicured or pristine. Instead, it’s more natural, allowing visitors to experience the natural beauty of its surroundings.

Shell collecting is a popular hobby among visitors to Little Talbot Island, and the beaches are an excellent place to find shells. Shell collectors will find a wide range of species, including fossilized sharks’ teeth. The best time to shell hunt is during low tide, when the area is uncovered. Be sure to look in the “shell line,” the area where the highest waves deposit the largest groups of shells. If you find live shells, remember to return them to the water. Here is another spot to visit.

Trailhead for the Timucuan Trail

The Timucuan Trail connects Big and Little Talbot islands and continues down to the Mayport ferry landing. It will cost more than $2 million to complete, and once completed, it will provide hiking and biking trails to Amelia Island and beyond.

You can begin hiking or biking on this multi-use trail at the Little Talbot Island parking area. The Timucuan Trail is a multi-use trail that runs through a maritime forest. The trail also connects with the Amelia Island Trail, which is part of the East Coast Greenway.

The Timucuan Trail is a great way to get to know this northeast Florida barrier island. Big Talbot, which is immediately south of Amelia Island, is also a state park. There are interpretive signs along the trail that tell about the wildlife that you can see and enjoy along the way.

Little Talbot Island State Park is located on a barrier island near Jacksonville. It is one of the few undeveloped barrier islands left in the state. It features pristine beaches and an abundance of natural wildlife. This is a popular spot for hiking, fishing, and camping. You can even see river otters and marsh rabbits in this unique environment.

Once you’ve gotten a taste of the natural beauty and history of this area, you can continue your journey south. The trail extends about 6 miles to Hanna Park, where you can enjoy an array of fun activities.

Access to surf fishing on the mile-long George Crady Fishing Bridge

The George Crady Fishing Bridge is a mile-long pedestrian bridge that runs parallel to the A1A vehicular bridge. It was constructed in 1948 and originally carried automobile traffic but became popular with anglers. When the vehicular bridge was replaced by the new one in 1999, the state decided to convert the old bridge into a park. The George Crady Bridge Fishing Pier State Park is named after George Crady, who led the advocacy effort for a pedestrian-only pier.

This mile-long pedestrian bridge allows access to surf fishing in Nassau Sound, one of the most popular fishing areas in northeast Florida. Pedestrians and cyclists are required to wear helmets when fishing, and the bridge’s mile-long pier offers a variety of species for anglers.

There’s no shortage of activities to do while you’re on Little Talbot Island. The park features miles of beaches, three miles of bike trails, and miles of water for exploring and enjoying nature. There are also several pavilions for picnicking and kayak rentals. You can also enjoy the surf and swim along the pristine shores.

This park is ADA accessible and features a 20-acre lake with a variety of fish. You’ll find largemouth bass, black crappie, channel catfish, and other species. Other activities at Little Talbot Island State Park Jacksonville FL include hiking, beachcombing, and bird watching. You can also kayak through Myrtle Creek and enjoy the natural beauty. Up next is Huguenot Memorial Park.


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