Huguenot Memorial Park Jacksonville FL

Huguenot Memorial Park is located on a 450-acre peninsula, 17 miles from downtown Jacksonville. Located near the beach, this park has access to the jetty rocks on the north St. Johns River. The park also has a birding area and conservation area. There is a fee to enter the park, so plan accordingly. Click here to know more.

Huguenot Memorial Park is a 450-acre peninsula

If you enjoy the water and are looking for a place to camp in Jacksonville FL, then the Huguenot Memorial Park is for you. This 295-acre peninsula is surrounded by three bodies of water and offers great bird watching and fishing opportunities. It is part of a conservation area and is home to many species of wildlife.

The park is run by the City of Jacksonville. The Huguenots first settled in the area during the French Wars of Religion. The Spanish eventually arrived in 1565 and wiped out the Huguenot settlement. Today, there are 71 primitive campsites at the park. The park also offers restrooms, showers, and a dump station.

It is a conservation area

If you’re looking for a great way to see wildlife in Jacksonville, consider a trip to Huguenot Memorial Park. Located on the northeast side of the city, Huguenot is leased by the City of Jacksonville from the Army Corps of Engineers and the State of Florida. The park is home to many rare and endangered species, including piping plovers and red knots. In addition, the park has colonial sites for endangered sea turtles and is a state-designated critical wildlife area.

Among the many activities at Huguenot Memorial Park are onsite camping, a nature trail, and a bird observation area. The park also features restrooms and picnic shelters, a native plant garden, and wheelchair accessibility. A great place to also visit is Amelia Island State Park.

It is a birding site

The Huguenot Memorial Park in Jacksonville, Florida is a great place to find bird species. The park is primarily comprised of a white sandy beach, and a large portion of the park is a critical habitat for nesting shorebirds. The park features a nature center, picnic areas, and boat ramps. There are also concessions and restrooms. Huguenot Memorial Park is part of the Great Florida Birding Trail, and it is a popular spot to see migrating birds.

The Huguenot Memorial Park is also home to a bird sanctuary and nature center. There are interactive displays, games, and reference books for visitors to use during their stay. The staff is more than willing to answer questions about the park’s bird life. Guided tours of the park are also available. These tours include a nature walk along the beach and information about bird life.

It is a great place to fish, surf, swim, and canoe

The Huguenot Memorial Park Jacksonville FL is the perfect place for a family to enjoy the outdoors. The park has 70 primitive campsites, a playground, and picnic areas. There are also several swimming beaches and a pier for surfing. The area is also great for fishing.

Huguenot Memorial Park is an oceanfront park with spectacular views of the nearby natural areas. Besides swimming, fishing, and canoeing, the park also has an array of great birding opportunities. In fact, the park has been designated as a Great Florida Birding Trail site. The area is known for its abundance of bird species and marvelous habitat.

Huguenot Memorial Park Jacksonville FL is surrounded by the bay and has several miles of hiking trails. It also has a 60-acre lake that is perfect for paddleboarding and fishing. It also has a pavilion with grills and showers. Browse next article.


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