William F Sheffield Regional Park

The William F Sheffield Regional Park is one of the newest parks in the city and spans nearly 336 acres. Located on a former dairy farm on the Northside, it features recreational trails, grills, and two soccer fields. The park also has a kayak and canoe launch. Visit This Site.

Nearby attractions include the Anheuser-Busch Brewery and the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. The Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary is also located just a short distance away. Downtown Jacksonville is 10.8 km away, and there are many other attractions and events in and around the area.

It is named after the late real estate developer

The new park will span almost three hundred thirty-six acres, and features soccer, baseball, softball, and skateboarding fields. It also has hiking trails, and two ponds for fishing. It will also have a grill and concession stand. The park will also have a boat launch, and many other amenities. Refer to this site!

It has basketball courts, picnic pavilion, canoe launch, asphalt trails, concessions and rest rooms

The William F Sheffield Regional Park is a new addition to the city’s park system. The park includes more than 336 acres of green space, basketball courts, picnic pavilion, two soccer and football fields, and an asphalt trail system. There are also concession stands, rest rooms, and a canoe/kayak launch. There are also several fishing piers in the park. Continue reading!

Driving Direction from Glass and Grass to William Sheffield Regional park

Driving Direction from William Sheffield Regional park to Big Talbot Island State Park